When you are ready to start the exponential growth of your business with the use of joint ventures, it can be very daunting to where to start. There are many different types of JV.  That’s why we offer you our client different types of service to make sure the you get off the very best start on your growth journey. Please look below at the different services that we offer. If your unsure if joint ventures are right for you please take a look at the book Mark has written on how joint ventures can help any size or type of business.

If you are looking to run your own or have your team form your Joint Venture partnerships, but need some help and guidance to help you get started. Our consultancy service can help you. Starting with either a half or one day strategy session to teach you and your team about joint ventures, and look at the different types of opportunities that are the right fit for yourself and your company. Training on the best ways to connect with possible partners.

After the Strategy session and going forward further sessions can be arranged. Further sessions are good to track progress and helping with any issues as they arises in reaching out to new partners, validating possible deals and making the deals.

Do you require a more hands off approach to your Joint Venture deals. As your appointed broker Mark can undertake the task of finding suitable partners and deals for you, setting up and managing the partnerships. You will be always be in control and kept up to date with any developments or opportunities that may arise.

Our aim as your broker is to find you only the best deals to do to achieve the goals that you have for your business. Let us know what you would like to achieve. We are focus on our clients and what our clients goals are. As your broker we only create deals that are inline with your beliefs and aspirations.

Do you have unconverted leads that you believe are dead and not worth anything or would you like to obtain leads that companies in the same market as you have been unable convert. Just because they didn’t buy from the original lead generator doesn’t mean that their not interested in purchasing. They did show interest originally that’s why become a lead. If you’re a great closer or have a well trained team that can convert these leads into sales for you.

Joint Venture Partnering can partner you with other companies to do deals on these leads. They can be on a straight cash basis or commission on sales. The deals can be set up in many different ways to benefit you our client. We are happy to talk you through many ways you can make these leads work for you.

All established business have past customers that haven’t done any business with them for a period of time. By using proven campaigns you can reactivate there lost relationships that you had with your prior customers. It’s a well known that it’s easier to get a past customer to buy from you again than to get a new customer to buy from you the first time. The average cost of getting a new customer is five times the cost of getting a past customer to do business with you again, it make sense to for you to reach out to these customers and bring them back.

Mark uses a strategy to solve the past customer problem for you. It’s simple effective and proven to see sales for your business in a short amount of time.

9 out of 10 businesses never do anything to reconnect with the massive untapped asset. These customers are familiar with you and your business. Trust has been built and there is already a relationship between you. Remember that they have already said yes before to doing business with you. it’s just that over time they fell away and after a while don’t think to come back. To get this customers to come back to you, takes an inviting offer that they will find irresistible. Contact Mark to discuss more how your past customers can be reactivated back into pay clients.

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