If you would like to attract more and better customers with less work and cut waste out of your marketing Joint Venture Partnering can help you.


When looking for ways to grow your business. Forming a strategic alliances is the fastest way to grow. In any type of economy forming joint ventures will return better results with far less expense. With the right partners you can target only your ideal customer base.

There are many different types of Joint Venture from asset sharing, customer list use, lead reselling, customer reactivation, product upselling/down reselling, access to new markets or distribution channels, technical expertise and many more.

At Joint Venture Partnering we can set up your deals to be for a single transaction or for long term arrangements. We can form alliances for you with companies in the same area of business or in areas that you would like to expand in to. Going cross vertical is a fast way to grow and possible with joint ventures.

Sharing or allowing use of your assets or network can be very lucrative. If you have assets that are not often used or have periods of downtime when someone could be using them could not just cover the cost of maintenance, you can also turn a profit on owning that asset or equipment.

There are hidden goldmines of assets that aren’t being fully used in all business or possible avenues of partnering that aren’t being pursued. Our consultancy service can help you to open up these opportunities for new business.

Are you looking grow using joint ventures, but require a more hands off approach our brokering service can arrange and manage deals on your behalf.


Unconverted leads and past customers, the cost marketing to acquire new leads can be very expensive.  And all business have, customers or clients that have stopped doing business with us anymore. Joint Venture Partnering can help recoup or profit from the unconverted leads and help you reconnect with those pass customers. It cost six times more to acquire a new customer than do business with a pass customer.

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